Bavarian National Park


In November 2022, I was given an excellent opportunity to head out to Bavarian National Park in Germany. I spent a pleasant weekend in the bavarian cottage, enjoying the festivities with fellow camera lovers. It was a wildlife photography workshop led by Patrik Staněk.

I arrived at the accommodation around 5 pm and was the first to arrive. We were about to talk about some basics, but since it was the first advent, locals started an advent party, playing on harmonica, singing, and celebrating. Thus, we enjoyed some beer and food and went to sleep. We woke up around 7 am, enjoyed an excellent breakfast, packed our gear, and headed to the Bavarian National Park. It was freezing weather outside with light rain. Fortunately, I took winter clothes.

We arrived at the parking lot around 8 am and started our hike to the exhibits, starting at Lynx. We saw the Lynx in the first 5 minutes, and then he hid in the rocks. After 3 hours of waiting, we continued to the great horned owls, wild boars, deers, and bears. We missed a few animals, like otters, small owls, and wild cats. Maybe it was due to the weather, or they just had a relaxing lazy day. The sunset started around 4 pm, and we returned to the parking spot.

The next day, we decided to go back to the Lynx first, but have not spotted the Lynx for another 3 hours. We continued the route around all the animals and, around 3 pm, returned to the parking lot with hundreds of pictures. The official workshop has ended, and some people went home, but a few of us went to enjoy the last hour of sun hunting down the Lynx. And it worked! After a few minutes, he started to climb on the cliff, and we had the opportunity to snap nice pictures.

I enjoyed Patrik’s workshop, and I wish to join him on other adventures in the future.